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What's The Big Deal About Heels v/s Flats?

Posted on June 04, 2014 | 12 comments

What's The Big Deal About Heels v/s Flats?











You're probably going "They can both be sexy, right?" RIGHT! When it comes to footwear, women all over the world over should start paying attention FIRST to HOW they WALK in the shoes they choose. Let's talk about it……...

Heels are amazing, they're sexy, they add a sense of power and self-confidence to the woman wearing them and they're, well, pretty awesome! You wear heels when you get that attractive, independent, gonna-take-the-world-on feeling. They go with every look you can muster, but remember they can TOTALLY break your appeal if you don't WALK right in them. 

When some women rock heels, they sway their hips like pendulums and walk like strutting chickens. WRONG MOVE, ladies. When you put on heels, please under that you must adopt the grace of a swan as you swing those hips like a cat—there's a reason why they call it the cat-walk and not the chicken-scrabble. :)

This will definitely take some getting used to so don't feel shy to walk about in your room or home wearing heels and checking your flow in a mirror. 

Okay, let's talk flats. They're quaint, extremely feminine on the right form, super-cute, casual without seeming careless. Flats don't go with every look under the fashion sun, but they have what it takes to pull off SO many others. 

Like when you're off on a date, the right clothes can make flats seem AS sexy as heels. The proper accessories transform flats into a beautiful tropical-gal look and with the right WALK you can make all of Milan attempt a style-redefinition. 

When you wear flats, the first thing you need to remember is they are NOT heels. Don't treat them as such otherwise you end up walking very rigidly. Being the epitome of stylish footwear-comfort, flats too could use some practice as mentioned above for heels. 

Take SHORT steps as though you're in no hurry to get somewhere, that's when you succeed in putting the 'C' in 'Casual'. Don't go pointing those toes out TOO MUCH, because with flats that tends to happen, but bring 'em close as much as you can without looking too toy-like when you walk. 

Witness, ladies, the power of flats versus heels. It's was never a fashion face-off to start with, but a means of letting you become aware of two VERY different looks that depends on how you WALK in them. 

Now, while Milan is busy redefining style, you go ahead and give 'sexy' a new look AND a cool walk. 


Which do you prefer, heels or flats? Leave comments below: 


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  • Twyla

    I have so many heels, it’s embarrassing to say just how many. Can you say shop-a-holic? I’m 5"10" and like many have stated, they make me feel very sexy and confident. Most often, I’m the tallest female in the room and my boyfriend loves it. He’s only 5’11".

    P.S. Ladies make sure your heels are on point. Nothing says unsexy like scuffed up heels. #shoerepair

  • sophia

    Yes I can totally relate to the ladies that live in flats..Unfortunately,I too have two herniated disc in my lower back which has caused me to have peripheral neuropathy.my equilibrium is quite off.so I’m no longer able to wear heels anymore in fear of falling or losing balance..smh..so I’m forever wearing flats.but I love my flats..

  • Cara Rivera

    I am absolutely a heels girl pretty much at least 5 days per week. However, I love flats as well. I like to be able to display all sides of my personality (yes there are multiple sides lol) Heels show my confident, classy, sometimes sexy side… while my weekend flats allow me to be relaxed, sporty, and super cute. The right heels must go with the feel of my outfit. The same goes for my flats. I love them both. Heck, I might even throw in a “tennis shoe” as you southerners say.

  • alanya

    I like them both but I usually trip and stumble in my flats. I definitely walk better in heels, my friends think I’m super woman because I don’t wear flats but I would rather be a little uncomfortable in my heels than look foolish falling in flats!

  • Andrena Phillips

    I am a heels lady all day. Heels brings out a woman confidence even greater than when she put them on. It’s a beautiful sight when you see a confident woman sashaying thru with a pair of killer heels. Don’t get me wrong flats serve their purpose as well but heels define sexy and confident like no other.

  • CheriJ

    I love heels, but I only wear them when I don’t have a lot of walking to do. I am a flats girls all day. I have several pairs of haute pumps though courtesy of my Man though :-)

  • Tamika

    I envy you ladies that can pull heels off!!! I love to look at them/try on, but I’m always a little disappointed afterwards. I think all women should wear heels at some point, sometimes! While I’m not the type that would wear everyday, I would like to wear more often. Here’s my problem I really have a hard time walking in them, I have tried the walk around house in them method, & vacuuming in them to learn but it still hurts after I wear for a very short time! I feel like I’m stuck with flats or wedges, when my fashion sense says I should be wearing heels with certain outfits! Oh & I would love to go out in stilettos, if just once ( I’d take tons of pics on them lol), but I just can’t seem to pull it off! I’ve tried different lengths, styles, & brands but they mostly make me uncomfortable, and I walk so weird in them, it’s kind of embarrassing! I know it’s just shoes, but I think heels give women a type of grace when I see them on others. Help if anyone has pointers, tips, examples, or a certain type of heels that would help, I would be very grateful if you posted those responses. Ps I have a wide foot & funny arch, that’s part of the problem, ( I think ) but I’m sure some other women have feet issues too, but still manage to pull wearing them off, right?

  • NoMoreCandy4U

    I love my heels, they are so sexy and I love walking & dancing in heels. I’ve worn heels since I was 13 and I cannot walk in flats they make me trip. I love heels on my summer sandals or a little wedge. I own about 40+ heels and try to wear all of them.


  • Geisala

    I prefer heels, and have been wearing them quite regularly for about 30 years, till I had a car accident 2 years ago. It is hard for me to even look at flats since my eyes seem to always gravitate towards heels. I have over 20 pairs of heels, including boots. I now have to force myself to buy flats. Thank you for this topic. As a fashion and wardrobe stylist, I know that all women do not wear heels, so this helps me to help them learn how to walk in both. Flats!! Here I come!!

  • Pamela

    I am over 200 lbs, and also have a herniated disc in my back as well as scoliosis. With that being said, I do not feel comfortable in heels unless they are wedges, and even some of those are uncomfortable.I like a flat with a small heel though, not super flat.


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