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Recreating A Look With What You Have

Posted on May 07, 2014 | 5 comments

Recreating A Look With What You Have


The FIRST and foremost thing you need to keep in mind before you get started with this is that you will need to EXPERIMENT a bit. This means giving in to your imagination and taking the time to mix and match stuff to get an outfit right. You're re-creating a look you SAW on someone, be it on TV, in a movie or walking down the street, and you're going to do it ONLY with what you have. Obviously this isn't some hard and fast rule you have to follow, you can buy some stuff you need to complete the look if you want to. Our main aim is gonna be with how to make this whole process easy for you and easy on your wallet.

LAYERING is something that almost always works. Suppose you have a short tee that reveals too much belly and you have something slightly longer. You can put them TOGETHER and what you have is a look that reveals just enough belly without making you seem old-fashioned or out of place. If you're going for a look Erykah Badu may have rocked, such layering ideas work like a charm. Of course, there are SO many ways you can twist and turn this idea to make a look work for you. Layer up, without looking too puffy and you're all set.

Next idea where re-creating a look is concerned is trying to make a look like YOU yourself once used to wear. From old denims, jacket and tops, to last season scarves and not to forget canvas shoes and other add-ons. What you need to do in this case is to use the old ALONG with the new. The NEW or modern clothes need to be MORE on you than the old or retro ones. That way you make the WHOLE ensemble look new as a consequence. Throw in some nice laces on those canvas shoes, add a flair of fresh accessories, which includes sunglasses, heels and belts and so on. 

The last point is very obvious. You need to take a PRINTOUT of the person you saw wearing something YOU wanna re-create. Hang it somewhere easy to see and pick out stuff from your WARDROBE that comes as close as possible to that look. This may later include your hairstyle, nails and makeup, so be sure to include that after your dress change. If you feel you need to shop for a must-have piece, go ahead and DO it


Here's a few looks to try and recreate:




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  • Stephanie

    It would be great when you put a puff together that u list where you can purchase the items

  • mary

    PLZ give the brand of that gorgeous brown leather bag with the diamond design in it!

  • Marcella

    Great Tips!!! I Absolutely Love the outfit selections, keep them coming! Maybe even nail tip or make-up advise. Very helpful will continue to check in :)

  • ToKey

    “Thanks” for the EXCELLENT attire selections… GREAT JOB and they each look FAB in their own way!!! :-)

  • Tonya porter

    Great job putting this together


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