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The Secrets Of Color Blocking

Posted on March 03, 2013 | 4 comments

The Secrets Of Color Blocking

We've all seen it: the girl walking down the street with the PERFECT ensemble that screams, "I'm HAUTE"!!!! The clothing she is wearing and how the colors complement each other make the outfit POP!! You suddenly notice that half of the items she is wearing are things YOU also have in your closet.YOU just would have never thought to assemble them the way she did! Well, let us show you how to BE that chica by way of color blocking. This isn’t a rigor you have to follow, or something that comes in a bottle. Color blocking is a veritable trend, as fashion runways have proven in the past few years. 


The word 'blocking' does give off a negative vibe, but here all it really means is layering, putting colors on 'block by block' to give off a beautiful effect. This style could take some getting used to, so don't worry if you get it wrong the first few times.

Brace yourself and take a nice long look in the mirror. Go for colors that suit you, because you're going to be 'blocking' at least three colors to give you that fresh, "I'm haute" appeal and you can't go wrong with the hues. The number of colors is key. Keep it to three or four or else you'll look overdone, verging on "clowny". 

Mixing and matching is great. This is what color blocking is all about. Here are some ideas for you to ponder before you fully dive into this art form. Try and see if you hit on a series that looks absolutely amazing. Using colors in the same genre, like blue and certain similar shades it's close to, like cerulean and turquoise, is a fun idea to use. On a contrary note, throw in some totally unexpected colors and see if that works like a charm. 

That's the thing with color-blocking. You never know how good it looks until you assemble the pieces and see for yourself. Check out an idea that's somewhere between the two mentioned earlier. Go ahead and mix somber hues with bright colors. The balance this brings to your outfit is sensual, calm and fun-loving. That's the kind of look you must be going for where color-blocking is concerned.

Okay, let's talk accessories. Color-blocked clothes are ideal "lookers" and to add anything more than the minimum where accessories are concerned is a bad idea. The key with the accessories is to add more personality and textural depth. Too much, though, has the potential to quickly head into the "clowny" area. Many accessories clash with all those colors and you don't want to end up looking like a mystery novel, because people will be too busy trying to decipher if you're normal, a gypsy, or IF they should call the fashion police they have on speed dial. 

Some of you all are masters at color blocking, you just may not have been aware there was an 'official' term for it! For all others, here's a few examples: 

An orange skirt, stopping just past your knees, with an azure blazer embracing a white top. Can you see it? Now throw in red-ruby earrings, a thin pink belt and dark-blue heels and you have yourself a nice color block going for you.

In this regard, see it in your eyes or put your chosen pieces on the bed and look at them that way first, so you save time. Then, if you really like what you see, try it on and catch yourself in a full-length mirror and see how you can enhance your color block. That could mean either removing something or putting something extra on.

Your imagination's the limit in the world of color blocking where the loudest colors are subdued by somber additions and they all work together to create a masterpiece of light, vigor, freshness, inimitable femininity and the freedom that comes with it all.




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  • Letrice

    I am going to try his method next weekend and see if heads turn in a good way! Thanks for this article because this is a great way to freshen up your look without spending money.

  • Laila Greene

    Thank you for posting this article. I’ve been nervous about color-blocking; but the article and color wheel help to bring it together. Thanks NGR!

  • linda bryant

    I have tried it a few times and I make heads turn(in a good) way…love it

  • Shantil

    Thanks so much for this article. I’ve always been interested but afraid to try it. It’s true education is key. I may give it a try……..lol!


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