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4 Game Changing Reasons to Steam

Posted on June 29, 2015 | 7 comments

4 Game Changing Reasons to Steam

Finally the salon comes to your living room! Of all the natural hair crazes this may be the one that actually has scientific merit. Hair steaming is one of the most beneficial treatments you can do for your hair whether you are natural, or transitioning. Although this method is a little more pricey than other hair treatments the benefits are numerous. We have 4 major benefits that could change your hair game!!! 

1. Deeper Deep Conditioning

Make your conditioner work for you, not you working for your conditioner. The purpose of a conditioner is to moisturize the hair shaft and instill the healthy oils your hair needs to grow that your shampoo may have cleaned away. There's a reason why you should allow time to let your conditioner sit on your scalp. Giving your scalp time to heat up causing your hair cuticles to spread, opens the passage way for nutrients to truly settle in to your skin and when you rinse your hair with cool water the cuticle closes and seals in the vitamins. The great thing about steamers is that the process of scalp absorbing nutrients is magnified! When sitting under a steamer your conditioner can penetrate not only faster but deeper layers of the shaft causing the ultimate opportunity for true deep conditioning.

2. Length Retention

Consistent steaming promotes length retention and here's why. When you regularly condition without steaming, your hair shaft may open close to the scalp because your head gives off heat, but the remaining strands of your hair from about two inches off the scalp never get warm enough for the shaft to open all the way from scalp to tips. When you sit under the steamer your entire head of hair from root to tip is being opened and exposed to vitamins. Your roots not only become healthier but more importantly your ends become stronger as well which causes less split ends and less shedding leading to better length retention.

3. Moisture Retention

When steaming it's important to rinse with cool water. Without doing this you're cutting yourself short of the benefits of moisture retention. The heat in the steamer opens up your shaft and as the vitamins set in you want to ensure they are sealed in. The combination of steaming and following up with a cold rinse increases the retention of moisture that your conditioner gives you.

4. Less Breakage/Damage

With the previously stated benefits of moisture retention and length retention due to the entire hair shaft from root to to being penetrated you will also see a decrease in breakage and damage because your hair will be less brittle. Of course this effect of less damage and breakage cab be increased with the partnering of protective styling in your routine. You may also see an increase in the definition of your curl pattern as your hair becomes stronger.

Steamers come in three main forms. Table top; where you can sit the steamer on top of any table and pull a chair up under it very similar to a fold-able at home dryer. Hand held steamers; which look a lot like hand held dryers. Last, and the most popular, are the  stand up streamers that are often seen in salons. Stand up standards have long necks and rolling wheels for easy relocation. Steaming tools run anywhere from $69.99 to $250. Prices vary based on brand and type of steamer. To choose the steamer that works best for your lifestyle we suggest doing a bit of research on each type. There are numerous reviews on each of these options. Remember consistency is key. Stick to your regimen! 

Happy Steaming!! 

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  • Tabitha Butts

    Please recommend a hoodie streamer with the ozone feature.



  • Sodia Napper

    really want to purchase a steamer for my hair but so many on the market don’t know how to choose please recommend a steamer please do some steamer reviews thank you!!!

  • Kymmie

    This article was very interesting. I just might go out and purchase a steamer. However, my routine is to use a heating cap for 20 minutes over my plastic cap. After, I rinse my hair in cool water.

  • Diane

    Thank you for sharing this important information!

  • Belinda

    Great information! I have been considering the purchase of a steamer. However, until that time comes; I wet a terry cloth turban towel place it in the microwave for at least 2 minutes, place it on my head w/hot oil or conditioner, then I place a plastic bag/cap over the heated towel and leave on for at least 30 minutes.It really works. For you natural sisters without a steamer; try this until you get one!

  • Shauntay Larkins

    Thank you for this article. While I do deep condition, this additional information was very helpful as to why I should be using heat.

    So thanks again!

    Peace, hope and love.


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