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Are You a Procrastination Queen?

Posted on June 02, 2016 | 0 comments

Meet Keisha.

Keisha has a family, two kids and a husband, a beautiful home, and a healthy social life…and no matter what, every time she has to go somewhere, she is always late.

Keisha’s lateness doesn’t happen because she doesn’t care. In fact, quite the contrary: when Keisha knows she has 10 minutes before she has to leave, she starts looking for something productive to fill that time. She wipes out her phone and scrolls through Instagram and/or Facebook, throws in another load of laundry, fills the dishwasher, or any number of things, and before she knows it, she’s blown 15 minutes and she’s out the door behind schedule.

In short, she procrastinates.

The result? The kids constantly complain about being late to practice, missing the beginnings of movies, and having to apologize to their teachers over and over again.

And Keisha’s husband, Andrew? “I hate being late. But I’m married to a chronic procrastinator. This marriage has taught me a lot about letting go of control and being okay with…” he laughs, “…with disappointment!”

“He has to laugh about it, or it will drive him crazy,” Keisha says with an embarrassed smile. Although it hurts her feelings to hear Andrew say that, she knows it's true.

In many ways, Keisha’s procrastination creates a lot of unnecessary stress and strain in her family and her personal and professional relationships…yet the pattern continues to play out every day.

So is Keisha a lost cause?


Keisha’s lateness and chronic procrastination are actually pretty easy to overcome.

Of course there’s no “quick fix magic pill” that will suddenly cure a lifetime of deeply engrained patterns. But with the right tools, a simple shift of the mind and some easily implementable tactics, anyone can overcome procrastination.

And now those tools and tactics are readily available for YOU, in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow format.

Available Now!!

Overcoming Procrastination is a 6-part e-book designed to help you get up and get going quickly, so you can regain control of your days, your life and your happiness.

Sound good?

Each segment has lessons that can easily be integrated into your daily life. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make remarkable progress, fast.

Overcoming procrastination is an invaluable skill that benefits every area of your life.

Procrastination destroys opportunities. Overcoming procrastination creates them.

Every day you’re met with challenges that require you to act quickly. “Hemming and hawing” demonstrates a lack of confidence, which can be fatal to your career and relationships.

As soon as you delve into this e-book you’ll find yourself making choices quickly and easily. You’ll feel in control, and taking action around situations that used to leave you feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

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