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To Cut or NOT to Cut?

Posted on August 20, 2014 | 32 comments

So yeah! I've got the itch to cut my hair. I don't know if it stems from the supa dupa fly short cuts I've been seeing lately OR, if it's that I'm personally ready for a new 'look'. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I posted a message on Facebook earlier today about it and ladies chimed in from both sides. A few even said 'why do people grow their hair out, only to turn around and cut it'. I explained to them that I never went natural with the ultimate intention of growing my hair to my ankles. As long as my hair is healthy, the length doesn't matter. My only 'real' hesitation in cutting my hair it not being able to put it in a puff. That's my 'go to' style on lazy days, that come more often than they should. Sooooo, if I cut my hair, I'll have to twist it EVERY night, as I unfortunately do not have 'wash n' go' hair. 

What are your thoughts on cutting healthy natural hair shorter, just to change your look. Have you seen some really cut short styles?? Here's a few.........Also, feel free to leave your comments below..:




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  • Caroll Pickard

    Hello, I’ve been natural for a year now, and I’ve had the big Afro. I thought it was nice at that time. I started looking a little on the Old side. So I decided to cut my sides and back tapered cut not to short to my scalp. I didn’t touch my top. My top is very full to were it falls in my face and my sides and back are curl with a sponge. Very nice and alot of heads turn and compliments. Enjoy doing YOU. BECAUSE BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!!!

  • Tarsha

    Hi I’ve had the itch for weeks and finally did a tapered cut this past Sunday. I kept my front long. At first I missed my hair but I’m glad I did it. I needed a change. It will grow back

  • Lydia

    I’ve been cutting my natural since November. And about a month ago just told the cosmetologist to cut it all off. I went bald and thought Omg what did I just do. I’ve been getting compliments even bald like "Girl you are rockin tha cut even from my friends at church. Now it’s growing back and thicker short curls. My cousin came back in the restaurant after leaving to compliment me. And said oh it’s you my cousin, I just came back to compliment the cut. It’s too cute. Go for it!!!

  • Nickie

    I know that feeling oh so well! After a year of hair growth, I cut my hair into a tapered style in May 2014. I do miss my puff sometimes but it is such a cool style (figuratively and literally) I feel funky and hip with my tapered natural. I’m glad I did it. I say all this to say…it’s just hair, go for it! !!

  • April L.

    I’ve been wearing braids all summer… I definately got that itch. As soon as I take these braids out… 2 the stylist I go… Everytime I see a picture or someone with the tapered cut. I fall in Love with it. I’m so excited and can’t wait.

  • Harriet Wyatt

    Yes, I too have the itch to cut my below shoulder length hair just to freshen up/ reinvent my look. Plus short hair is easier maintenance.

  • Tyra Nicole

    I’ve been clipping my ends and cutting a little more than the ends each time but afraid to do the full cut. The bob styles are also out now so I thought about that but lately my edges have been getting thinner and thinner. Any tips are welcomed because my wild hair grow oil doesn’t seem to be working. I just don’t know what style to cut my hair into. I don’t think my front is long enough to do the bob. My hair is longest in the middle :::)
    Now that summer is almost over I may just wait until next summer to cut it. Perhaps my front will grow a little longer during the winter months.

  • Karrington

    I say go for it! I lvoe the length that you curently have but I understand about the maintenance. When my hair was shorter it was easier to manage to me but I understand about the pony puff..rainy days, bad hair days, just don’t care days, etc…

  • angie

    I have had the itch ALL summer long but unfortunately I have yet to cut it…I don’t know if I am ready to twist every night again. I am kind of like Kelly J I have some lazy days and early workday mornings where all I have to do for a old twistout is pull it up in a puff. However, I am loving ALL of the short styles.

  • taria

    Ive been natural since 2006,I just stop getting perms and was just getting it done the olf fashion way straighten and curled then went to wash & go hair in 2009 but still kept my hair shoulder length.I also was tired of wearing it big,twisted or up in a ponytail so I cut it off my self last year and had my hairdresser fix my lil flaws and I don’t regret it one bit hair today gone tomorrow but it will grow back so just do you and remember its hair it will grow back!!!


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